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Seminole Dining has been cultivating relationships with local farms within the South Georgia and North Florida area with educational visits. We are on a mission to educate the student body and Tallahassee community on the importance of supporting local farms and what is easily available. This string of visits is called the ‘Nole Your Farmer series.

What is ‘Nole Your Farmer?

A priority for Seminole Dining is bringing local, fresh, and sustainably sourced food to the Seminole community wherever possible. The ‘Nole Your Farmer series was born out of the desire to showcase where that local food comes from, as well as building new partnerships for the future. Seminole Dining wants to ensure that the student body is educated on food sourcing, and that they can be confident that their food is good for not just themselves, but also the environment.

A small team travels to a farm or producer within a defined local area that has an operation fitting Seminole Dining’s sustainability standards. These visits are designed to inform the team on the producers’ practices and values, and to show the team how the products are made and/or sourced. FSU students are virtually brought along on the tours through social media posts with fun and informative pictures and clips.

What Are the Farms Visited So Far?

The first visit was to White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, Georgia. White Oak is a six generation, 152-year-old regenerative farm under the care of fourth generation farmer Will Harris. Will and his team pride themselves on being stewards of the land, focusing on humane animal husbandry, regenerative farming, and revitalizing their rural community. White Oak produces grass fed beef and pork, free-range chicken and other fowl, specialty meats, and artisan goods.

The second stop was to Play of Sunlight Mushrooms in Tallahassee, Florida. Play of Sunlight was founded in 2014 by FSU alumnus Josh Saul. He supplies mushrooms to many local restaurants in Tallahassee and uses USDA-certified organic substrate to grow in their facility.

Next, Seminole Dining traveled to Hillard, Florida, and met with Tracy Nazzaro to tour Traders Hill Farm. Tracy is the President and General Manager of Traders Hill Farm, an aquaponic agribusiness growing safe, high-quality produce year-round. Traders Hill is focused on reducing their environmental impact by being able to grow more produce per square foot with less land and water usage than traditional farming

The most recent stop for the team was to Full Moon Apiary, a bee and honey farm in Monticello, Florida. Full Moon is owned and operated by Tony and Becky Hogg. They first started beekeeping 20 years ago as a way to get their daughter over her fear of insects. That turned into a passion for the honeybee, and thus Full Moon Apiary was born. Full Moon provides honey to our dining halls for Honey Fried Chicken Friday, which is a student favorite and long-time Suwannee Room staple.