Local Wall at Suwannee Room

The Local Wall found in Seminole Café and Suwannee Room. Click the image or here for more information.


Seminole Dining has been cultivating relationships with local farms within the South Georgia and North Florida area with educational visits. We are on a mission to educate the student body and Tallahassee community on the importance of supporting local farms and what is easily available. This string of visits is called the ‘Nole Your Farmer series.

What is ‘Nole Your Farmer? 

A small team travels to a farm or producer within a defined local area that has an operation fitting Seminole Dining’s sustainability standards. These visits are designed to inform the team on the producers’ practices and values, and to show the team how the products are made and/or sourced. FSU students are virtually brought along on the tours through social media posts with fun and informative pictures and clips.

What Are The Farms Visited So Far?

White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GeorgiaWhite Oak Pastures

· A six generation, 152-year-old regenerative farm

· Focus on humane animal husbandry, regenerative farming, and revitalizing the rural community

· Produces grass fed beef and pork, free-range chicken and other fowl, specialty meats, and artisan goods

Play of Sunlight Mushrooms in Tallahassee, FloridaPlay of Sunlight

· Founded in 2014 by FSU alumnus Josh Saul

· Supplies mushrooms to many local restaurants in Tallahassee

· Uses USDA-certified organic substrate to grow in their facility

Traders Hill Farm in Hillard, FloridaTraders Hill Farm

· A zero-waste aquaponic agribusiness growing safe, high-quality produce year-round

· Focused on reducing their environmental impact by growing more produce per square foot with less land and water usage than traditional farming

· Produces leafy greens and microgreens, as well as partners with other local producers to provide eggs, honey, and veggies

Full Moon Apiary in Monticello, FloridaFull Moon Apiary

· A bee and honey farm that leases hives to local producers

· Supports their local community by partnering with bakeries in their area

· Educates and supports aspiring beekeepers and students

· Provides honey to our dining halls for Honey Fried Chicken Friday, which is a student favorite and long-time Suwannee Room staple

Georgia Olive Farms in Lakeland, GeorgiaGeorgia Olive Farms

· An olive grove producing true extra virgin olive oil

· From field to mill in less than 24 hours. The oil is collected only from the first press. By-products are sold to local companies as additives to beauty products

· Offers consulting services to other local producers to grow their community

Thompson Farms in Dixie, GeorgiaThompson Farms

  • Level 4 GAP Certified 3rd generation regenerative pig farm
  • All pigs are raised on the farm, free range, never caged, and graze in a rotational pattern to preserve the soil
  • Meats are smoked over locally sourced peach wood
  • Supply pork to Tally Mac and Vato Tacos in 1851

Tally Kombucha in Tallahassee, FloridaTally Kombucha

  • Woman and Minority Owned Business Enterprise here in the Capital City
  • Homemade Kombucha aimed at healing the mind, body and soul
  • Vegan and gluten free granola, lemonades, loose leaf tea, and vegan syrups also available
  • Gives back to the community by supporting first responders and teachers through a health campaign

Legacy Greens in Tallahassee, FloridaLegacy Greens

  • An indoor, hydroponic vertical farm growing microgreens, wheatgrass, and edible flowers
  • Grow kits also available to grow microgreens at home
  • No pesticides or fertilizers are used ever
  • Supply microgreens and edible flowers to many restaurants around Tallahassee, as well as on campus for special events