Seminole Dining has a reusable to-go program using OZZI green containers. Students on a meal plan will receive one container per semester. Additional containers are available for purchase at our residential dining locations for $5 each; you do not need to be a meal plan holder to purchase a container. To get your OZZI container, let the cashier at either Suwannee Room or Seminole Café know that you would like to redeem your OZZI swipe. They will instruct you to swipe your card, and then they will hand you your OZZI container. This can only be redeemed once, and if you lose your container, you will need to purchase another.

There are no refunds offered for OZZI containers as they become the students’ property after purchase.

Students are allowed to bring up to two containers per swipe to our all-you-care to eat dining halls. To receive a container, present your OZZI token to the cashier who will hand over a clean container and to-go cup. Bring the used container back for a new token. If visiting Suwannee Room, please return the used container to the OZZI machines located next to the cashier. If visiting Seminole Café, deposit your container in the small collection bin and receive your token from the cashier

OZZI containers are made with recycled content and can take the place of 300 disposable containers! Using OZZI allows us to reduce our disposable footprint while allowing students to enjoy fresh and nutritious meals during their busy days.