Standard Hours 8/16 - 12/31

We are closed from 8/16 through 12/31.

The Halal Shack combines the best of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors with a classic American spin for an experience that can only be described as pure deliciousness! We know that good food is good for you, which is why we offer locally sourced ingredients, humanely treated meat and vegan/vegetarian options.


What is Halal food?
We’re glad you asked! Imagine Kosher, but with cheese! Halal food and meats are sourced and prepared following Islamic dietary guidelines to ensure not only the highest quality but also the humane treatment of the animals they come from.

What is American Halal?

American Halal combines mouth-watering Mediterranean flavors, savory Middle Eastern spices and classic American style to create a delicious and healthy eating experience.

Accepted Here

Up to $7.00 of Meal Swipe value; Dining Dollars; FSUCash; Apple Pay; Samsung Pay; Google Pay; Debit; Credit.

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104 Woodward Ave
Tallahassee, FL 32304